A lot of separated couples consider using online template separation agreements or do-it-yourself kits, and if you are considering turning to these options, there are certain things you need to know. The first is that these options can actually increase the costs of your separation, and the issue can take years to resolve.

Online templates and DIY kits may seem like the quicker and cheaper option, but the reality is that they’re not as easy as they may seem, and you may run into expensive consequences. You have to remember that the agreements you find online may be sufficient for only the specific circumstances for which they were created, so if there is even the slightest difference with your unique situation, the entire agreement may be considered invalid. The same is true if significant assets are not disclosed properly on the form and if entitlements like pensions and inheritances are not listed. Even if your separation agreement is well drafted and properly reflects your intentions, you can still run into problems, which would delay the process and result in more costs.

Some couples choose to draft their separation agreement quickly using an online template and assume they’ve exchanged enough financial information when in reality they have not. This means the easy and inexpensive approach they were hoping for can now turn into years of complicated litigation and financial hardships, so it should never be assumed that online forms or DIY kits are the easy way out. This is rarely the case, and turning to a family lawyer is always the better option.

A reputable lawyer will walk you through the process and will provide you with every piece of information you need to know. They should be the ones to draft your separation agreement, and it’s your lawyer who will make this process as quick and as easy as possible. Additionally, once everything is said and done, their fee will be lower than the costs you will potentially have to pay if you choose to attempt this process on your own. This is because your lawyer will get all of the necessary information and will prepare the documents accordingly, so no steps will be missed and no details will be forgotten, and you will have peace of mind knowing your agreement was drafted properly. You will not lose out on any potential benefits, nor will you expose yourself to liabilities, which you can do with DIY kits.

Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to protect their clients and will guide you in the right direction. You won’t have to worry about any mistakes, and your intentions will be clearly stated.

If you are looking for reputable family lawyers, Tacium Vincent & Associates can help. We can assist you in your separation and will discuss your rights and obligations so that you are aware of every detail. If you are in Winnipeg, contact us today!